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ur are awesome!................
Sun Aug 19, 2012, 2:18 PM
Mon Jun 7, 2010, 5:53 PM
Wed Jan 20, 2010, 9:47 AM
Sat Oct 31, 2009, 1:58 PM
:wave: Hey!
Thu Jun 4, 2009, 6:59 PM
congrats for the new babies!!!!!!!!!!
Mon May 4, 2009, 5:17 PM
get well soon!
Thu Feb 5, 2009, 1:38 PM
Wed Nov 26, 2008, 4:17 AM
omg the contest dealine is nearing
Sat Nov 15, 2008, 6:20 PM
hi :)
Sat Nov 15, 2008, 6:19 PM


Been bouncing around from house to house for the past month, then got home a week ish ago....I forget when exactly went without a mouse, and still trying to find the scanner to hook it up. So yes I have been doing my art.....I just haven't had a way of submitting it on here really. I now have a new mouse and keyboard and hope to get right to work on it! 

I had the kids over the weekend so yaya! LOL But I am hoping today maybe tomorrow we find what we need to get the scanner going. 

I am super excited I have so many pics. Even a autumn or pre halloween picture that just hasn't gotten completed but I do have it inked in and ready to go! YAYAYA!

I am hoping you are all still following me

As for my stories Sinborn Wings has begun again I found the original file and I read it and went.....hmmmmmmmmmmm what the hell was I thinking? Sinborn Wings is going to be a Trilogy I will make a DA page for it ASAP, and even an official webpage for it and I am hoping for Mirror of the Soul. Mirror was completed but not now because I read the ending and wanted better for it. SO yah now I am working on the baddie and understanding him. ETC!

I am excited for the up coming holiday and I am thrilled to tell you all the miracle! 

Recalling last year at this time....we were told by mom's drs she has 6 months to live. Mom is still alive and doing so well! She's having her bad times still with HD but she is still alive and healthy otherwise.

So I wanted to give you guys this great news and celebrate with you the wonders of God's abilities to make Dr's be wrong! LOL :D 

I love you all and my family is wishing you all a happy holiday season. Whatever you celebrate. 

For me its Thanksgiving and Christmas and Happy New Year........SO those are the greetings you are welcome to give me.

Michelle Bowen


Village Dance Michelle by ADreamandaWishFanart
Village Dance Michelle
I am so tired of Disney and so many others making women like me feel that being fat is ugly. Its not! The size of your dress or the weight you see on the scale do not define your beauty. You can be a size 0 and be beautiful or a size 99 and still be beautiful! Its not in the size of your body but the size of your heart. True inner beauty shines thru everything else.

You can look like Carmeron Diaz and be ugly because your not a nice person. I'm just giving an example. Your beauty is deeper than skin. Its what makes you unique. The way you laugh, the way you cry, the way you feel so inferor sometimes, the way you feel on top of the world like you have wings, the way you remember the silliest moments of a childhood memory, the way Christmas makes you smile and dance a little, the way that you try to pretend to be stronger than the those who need you to be strong in that moment, the way you give everything to help someone you love, the way you feel when your heart is broken, the way you feel when you fall in love again. There is so much that defines us all and it has nothing to do with dress size or weight, or even our facial features. Its whats INSIDE that matters more than anything else!

Its not a saying 'Ugly' people say btw! Its the truth. I would rather weigh what I weigh now and learn to be happy with myself. Than go on diet after diet and finally lose the weight but along the way hating myself! Fat isn't a sin! Being yourself is more important, being happy. I refuse to define myself with my weight, I am beautful! I am because I am! Even if I had unibrows, and looked like a donkey kicked me in the face. There is still an individual beauty in it all. Odd noses, double chins, small eyes, big eyes, cleft palets, scars......none of that takes away from your true beauty. It shouldn't let you feel worse about who you are and what you look like.

The you that matters is nothing to do with outter beauty. So for the very first tme I finally broke the mold Disney held over Cartoon Women. I refuse to live with their rules I refuse to make only tiny women.with certain looks. I encourage you guys to do the same. Start seeing beauty where we've been taught is ugly. Fat does not equal stupid or lazy or greedy and it doesn't mean I have no discipline with what I eat and do. Fat does not equal unloveable...I believed that I was unloveable for too long. Now I am taking that off.....and showing you the truth and making myself belive. Just because I'm not perfect does not mean I cannot find love...I am loveable......and so are you! Whether your 4 feet or less or all the way over 6 feet! I don't care.....Everyone deserves love.....EVERYONE!

Btw Michelle is appearing in a book that has been written but not yet published Mirror of the Soul is my copy right as is myself as my character here. YOU are allowed to show this off if you want but better have my info attached.

A Wonderland Royal Lizzie Heart by ADreamandaWishFanart
A Wonderland Royal Lizzie Heart
I love how this turned out! i hope you all enjoy and look into coloring it yourself. This is my very first Ever After High character EVER uploaded and really attempted........that I recall. LOL I hope you love Lizzie like I do!

Michelle BowenLizzie Hart Line Art Ever After High by ADreamandaWishFanart 
Lizzie Hart Line Art Ever After High by ADreamandaWishFanart
Lizzie Hart Line Art Ever After High
OMG this is the CUTEST take on the Happily Ever after themes of fairytales. I love it! I can't help it I adore every character. But the one that drew me in first besides Raven the instant I saw her was Lizzie Heart...the daughter of the Queen of Hearts in Alice and Wonderland. She's so sweet and kind and just a little bad...awkward off with your head moments. She isn't quite sure what to do about things. But she learns, she's very pivotal in the story line, and I just really grow more and more in love with the Lost princess situation of hers. She finally gets to see her mum...can you imagine being locked away from Wonderland (her home) and stuck in a highschool... she makes the best of it and makes Best friends.

You have my permission to color her!

Please just credit.

Michelle Bowen
After looking thru all the Mirror of the Soul and series art I have ...I have concluded that I will be making my very first MV for Mirror of the Soul.
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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I draw and do digital and traditional pictures, and I am currently working on 2 books. I was for a while against selling my own work because I was concerned that it would cost me my license for creativity. But honestly now I believe that its not going to hurt me to do this. I also need all the extra money I can get to support my terminally ill mother.

I love writing, and drawing, and I even enjoy singing. I have fun in life and I try to help others out as much as I can. I don't need to be 'famous' to be successful or happy. This does not mean I don't have dreams or want to keep drawing and writing and even getting published. But you will find I am not focused on that.

To top it off I am also a Christian! I will be putting up more Bible art so if you love that then look at the gallery!

See you sooN!

After looking thru all the Mirror of the Soul and series art I have ...I have concluded that I will be making my very first MV for Mirror of the Soul. 

5 deviants said YA
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